Meet the Fly Guys

Fly Guys Watersports launched in January 2015 on the beautiful San Diego Bay. Founders Chris Hassler and Brian Donnely love adventure, the outdoors and water sports so, when they discovered Flyboarding it seemed like a no-brainer to combine all these thing and move to San Diego to start Fly Guys Watersports.

Fly Guys motto is “The Ultimate Experience” and that is what you can expect at Fly Guys Watersports – an unrivaled watersport experience that is fun, exciting and, above all, safe. Brian and Chris are both certified flyboarding instructors and Fly Guys is insured above industry standards.

Are you ready to FLY HIGH with Fly Guys? Grab your sense of fun and adventure and come on down!

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Meet Chris & Brian

Chris Hassler
Chris started getting into sports when he was just a boy. Everything from football and baseball to capture the flag, paintball and racing bikes.
He’s always been an active person. His first serious board sport was snowboarding at age 15 and he’s been doing it ever since. Whether it’s hauling ass down a glacier or jumping off cliffs and drop-offs, he loves everything Not growing up near the beach his watersports were limited to lake activities like wake-boarding and tubing. After trips to the beaches of South Carolina, Florida and Costa Rica, his fate was sealed to live at the beach. He now surfs and flyboards and loves the huge differences in both sports; The freedom of riding waves in the ocean to the adrenaline he gets from doing back-flips well above the water. Water Life is for him..
Brian Donnelly
Brian Donnelly, the other half of the dynamic team that runs Fly Guys Watersports, has always had a passion for action sports, and watersports in particular. For most of his life Brian worked in the construction field, but always dreamed of making his passion for action sports his profession.
Brian was raised in Long Island New York and has traveled to over 23 countries – participating in action sports along the way. In his travels he noticed other people living the dream of working on the water, interacting with new people daily, and instructing an activity they loved. On one of his trips he discovered Flyboarding and immediately fell in love with this new sport. He considered it to be the ultimate experience. After all, doesn’t everyone want to fly? He became a certified instructor and moved onto a boat on San Diego Bay. After finding a comrade that loved the sport as much as him in Chris Hassler, “Fly Guys” was born.