Water Sports San DiegoSan Diego, city of fun, sun and so many cool activities. From museums to night life to water sports in San Diego, this city seems to have it all.  If you’re like us, you are looking for the most exciting things to do here in sunny San Diego. So what is the most exciting thing to do? Let’s take a look at some of the top activities.

First, you have your land activities which include segway tours, trolley tours, renting bikes, etc. Great thing about these activities is that they are usually informative and allow you to learn a lot about the city in general. Segway tours along the water can be both informative and provide beautiful views. Trolley tours offer a similar experience, but covering a broader area. Also, bike rentals are great if you like something a little more self directed.

There are plenty of great land activities to do but you can also see the city from the clouds. As we take to the air, San Diego offers helicopter tours of the city as well as seaplane tours of the city. These tours can also be informative but add the wow factor of seeing the city from a great vantage point. San Diego has so many varied sites to see and seeing them from above is a quick way to hit a lot of points of interest. Although these tours can be pricey, they are a lot of fun.

One of the biggest activities one can partake in is watersports. Since San Diego has such beautiful bays and waterways, it is a sure bet that there is plenty to do out on the water of America’s finest city. You can charter a boat for a private tour which is always great as the sites from the bay can be amazing. Fishing off the coast can provide some of the best yellow tail fishing on the west coast. Surfing is another popular pastime of locals and tourists alike and surfing schools and classes are plentiful. Naturally, there are also jet ski, kayak, and stand up paddle board rentals. Finally, flyboarding is a new sport that utilizes jet propulsion from a jet ski to fly the participant up to 30 feet in the air.

So which activity provides the most bang for the buck? Flyboarding takes first in this comparison. As you look at the other activities, one can’t help but realize most of them are missing something. Segway tours, although interesting, do not provide much excitement. Helicopter tours can be very pricey and it is not something one would actively participate in. Chartering a boat also lacks a lot of excitement. Surfing can be great but difficult to learn in one session and is highly dependent on if there are good waves. Of course renting jet skis, kayaks or paddle boards can be fun, but most people have done these activities before and they are not nearly as exciting as flyboarding.

Flyboarding can be learned in minutes. It’s safe, exhilarating and does not require the cooperation of Mother Nature. Flyboarding uses the propulsion from the jet ski to fly the guest out of the water and one important aspect is that the instructor controls the amount of power the guest receives. Therefore, the instructor keeps you at a safe height and at your comfort level the entire lesson. Some people like to fly around while others love to attempt dives, spins and even flips but it’s all up to the individual. Finally, flyboarding is one of the most affordable activities whether on land, sea or air which only gives the guest more opportunities to partake in other activities while in San Diego. So if you want something exciting, safe and fun to do, come check out Fly Guys Watersports, San Diego’s premier flyboarding company, whether you’re a local or tourist as we have packages that accommodate any group size.