Flyboard SafetyWatersports San DiegoFlyboarding has been termed one of the safest sports to learn and with good reason. Within this sport, there has been no claimed injuries or accidents when giving lessons to new participants across the entire globe. That’s unheard of. The main reason behind this is that the instructor on the jet ski really controls the entire lesson. It may seem that the student flying does as he/she controls the direction, but in all reality the instructor controls how high the person flies in the air. Therefore, if the instructor sees that the student is having a hard time getting his/her balance down, then that person wont go much higher than a foot or two out of the water.  This ensures that if he/she falls, its almost like falling into a pool and not from 15 feet in the air. At Fly Guys Watersports in San Diego, we focus on safety and making sure that the flier feels comfortable throughout the entire flight.

Flyboarding is one of the most enjoyable experiences someone can do and that’s why Fly Guys Watersports ensures that they are safe to not take away from this truly amazing experience. When guests first arrive, they will fill out a short waiver and then we get each guest fitted for their safety gear. Each guest will receive a life jacket and helmet. The board actually floats too so there is no way that the person can sink. Then when the first guest has been fitted with all the necessary safety equipment, the instructor gets the flier strapped into the bindings of the flyboard and proceeds to give a safety spiel with flying tips. The biggest thing that most people don’t understand is that the instructor on the jet ski doesn’t control the direction of the flier, only the height. So our biggest thing we focus on is creating separation from the flier and the instructor on the jet ski so that if the person flying does fall in the water, we don’t have to worry about them falling onto the jet ski and breaking any bones or the jet ski.  The next big aspect of flyboard safety is recognizing that the jet ski does get pulled towards the flier if he/she falls into the water. Therefore, we ask that all guests come out of the water aware of their surroundings and look for the jet ski. That way, if the instructor and flier gets too close, the flier can simply put up their hands and push the jet ski away. Finally, the last thing the flier can do to protect themselves is when you start to fall, simply turn it into a dive. By doing so, you slice through the water instead of smack down on top of it. Not only does this protect your body from a bruise or two, but it also looks cooler to spectators watching you fly. Safety first, then looks second.

So one can tell that at Fly Guys Water Sports in San Diego, we want to do our best to ensure that each person that comes out has a blast but more importantly, we have no accidents and none of our guests leave with any pains (other than typical soarness that one would expect to incur when trying a sport for the first time). So rest assured, that if you purchase a flight for a loved one or are coming out yourself, you will have an amazing experience soaring above the water and will be in great hands as we care as much for your safety as you do.