One of the biggest questions Fly Guys Watersports receives is “how hard is it to learn to flyboard.”
The best answer is that its like learning any other new sport but actually, quite easier.  Have you ever snowboarded? What about surf or skate? Then you know that you spend the first few days really figuring the balance of the sport out and in the case of snowboarding, you probably got a bunch of bruises up and down your body. Balance is key to this sport just like it is in basketball or football. So if you like doing water activities in San Diego and you’re active, whether its through yoga, hiking or just trying to stay fit, your chances of picking flyboarding up increases exponentially.

How to Flyboard

How to Flyboard

The first thing Fly Guys Watersports does when a new guest comes out is explain the safety tips and balance techniques to ensure a productive lesson. First off, everyone should know that though we are on the jet ski, the instructor actually has no control over the direction in which we go. The flier does. The instructor only controls how high the flier goes. Understanding this principle allows the flier to know when approaching the jet ski, the closer you get, the more you get let down into the water. Safety is key because we do not want you falling onto the jet ski and hurting yourself. The biggest tip is that when learning how to flyboard, if you start to lose your balance and begin to fall backwards or to the side, just turn it into a dive. This way you don’t back flop or come smacking down on your butt. In the beginning, we only fly you a good foot out of the water, but every little bit counts and turning it into a dive not only helps your body and muscles out, it also looks a lot better too.

When it comes to actually getting out of the water, we always explain that this isn’t like a lot of sports wherein you get into a nice squatting position, i.e. snowboarding or surfing, where your legs are bent and you are somewhat hunched over. With flyboarding, you basically want to stand up straight like you’re standing upright on solid ground.  The more bend in your knee, the more the weight gets transferred to your heel and you fall backwards every time. All the balance and stability is in your hamstrings and quads. So get a firm base in your upper legs and the steering comes in your feet. Imagine a board with jets directly under it attached at a 90 degree angle. If the board is flat and your feet are flat, then by physics, you will go straight up. If you push down on your toes, you will go forward. If you lift up on your toes, you will go backwards. If you have a slight bend in your right knee, you will go left and vice versa to go right.

The biggest thing to realize is that these jets are very powerful and slight, subtle movements are key to maintaining balance. Therefore, to get out of the water, just keep your legs nice and straight and don’t have your arms and upper body moving all over the place as they serve no purpose in learning how to flyboard. If you keep your body nice and quiet, straight legs, and flat feet, you will come out of the water smooth every time. Then when you’re up there, you always want to be moving because if you just stay in one place, the hose has a tendency to push you in the direction it wants to, not the direction in which you want to go. Therefore, always have a bit of pressure on your toes so you move forward. Then, just a slight bend in either knee and you’re flying.

I know this sounds a lot easier than actually doing it. Unfortunately, when you come out to fly with us, you have so much adrenaline pumping through your body that you cant help but want to squirm around. If you can control that adrenaline and just relax, you will pick it up so much quicker. Our instructors at Fly Guys Watersports are trained and have given lessons to all different varieties of people. We have seen it all and know how best to fix your bad tendencies and turn them into good ones so you will fly your first time out. Trust and listen to us and you will have a blast and will impress your friends and family with your ability to fly high above the water.