Jet Boots San DiegoHydroflight is a term that refers to devices that are propelled into the air using the power of a water/jet pump. For a long time the public has fantasized about being able to fly and early prototypes of jetpacks gave more credence to the possibility of this dream coming true. Fast forward to present day and we have flyboards, jetpacks, sleds, quasi-bikes and other devices powered by water/jet pumps. Usually this jet pump comes in the form of a personal watercraft. By harnessing the propulsion of these PWCs, the world has been introduced to a readily accessible form of personal flight…hydroflight. In this age of flying, albeit the fact that these devices limit one’s ability to flight above water, you might ask is hydroflight here to stay or is it a passing fad? One can only venture to hope that it stays. When the Wright brothers had their first successful flight, it only sparked more interest into what is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Though these toys won’t amount to what is the airline industry, it definitely has the opportunity to grow into an industry as big as skateboarding or snowboarding. With the invention of these hydroflight toys, young people have taken it upon themselves to become “professionals” and challenge the world with amazing feats and tricks which have thus started worldwide competitions.

Although all these hydroflight devices share the fact that they are powered by a jet pump, they can be very different. Just as features in cars have grown as engineers and manufacturers compete to create the best products, we see the pioneers of hydroflight being propelled to new heights of technology by way of competition. Manufacturers are throwing their respective hat in the ring by producing their version of the ultimate flying machine. The winners are the watersports lovers, adrenaline junkies and your average tourists looking for the most un-average thing to do on vacation.  With every new device comes some new feature that makes the hydroflight world more interesting. Most advances come in the form of a greater range of motion, an expanded axis, and more comfortable or adjustable stances/riding positions. Eventually, they will come with a cup holder for your drink as you fly. Obviously the ultimate form of flight would be accomplished by not having to be tethered to a PWC via a hose, but with new advances in technology the future of hydroflight is exciting to say the least. Whether your device of choice is a flyboard, jet-deck, x-board, jetblade or a dolphin board, hydroflight will continue to be an exciting industry to watch flourish. Try out hydroflight toys on your next San Diego Bay adventure!