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Undisputed Kings of San Diego Waters – Jet Ski Rentals

Enchanting beauty, pristine beaches, welcoming community and hundreds of popular attractions; what is there not to love about this city? Yet, it is water activities in San Diego that attract millions of visitors to the city. From vacationers to city residents, splash parks here and the beaches are always crowded as people enjoy the thrills. […]

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The Wide World of Watersports in San Diego

Water activities in San Diego are the most popular attractions especially with families. Everyone here seems to be fascinated with everything to do with a splash and in addition to the pristine beaches, there are countless splash parks where your kids can have tons of fun. If there is any new sport involving a splash, […]

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Start Your Own Flyboard Business

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Well what about teaching people to fly? Owning a flyboarding business is one of the most fulfilling jobs that a person could have. Granted there are obstacles one must overcome but what business owner doesn’t have them?!? Outside of marketing, accounting and other owner responsibilities, your main duty is […]

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Flyboarding Gift Certificate is a perfect gift for the Holidays

It’s that time of year when everyone rushes last minute to find that perfect gift just days before Christmas. Unless you were one of the few who shops well in advance to avoid long lines at the mall or buys from amazon early enough to make sure the gift you chose is delivered on time, […]

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Questions and Concerns about Flyboarding

At Fly Guys Watersports in San Diego, we get a large variety of people visiting from all over the world to come fly with us and having been in business for quite a while now, out on the docks, we hear a lot of questions. Most of these would surprise you and some of them […]

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The Future of Hydro flight

Hydroflight is a term that refers to devices that are propelled into the air using the power of a water/jet pump. For a long time the public has fantasized about being able to fly and early prototypes of jetpacks gave more credence to the possibility of this dream coming true. Fast forward to present day […]

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Why Choose Fly Guys Watersports?

Having been in the water sports industry in San Diego for a while, we have seen a lot of different companies come and go. Those that have stayed have really showed a real keen attention to detail and customer service. Those that have flopped just didn’t possess the acumen to make sure their guests were […]

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San Diego – The Ultimate Destination

There are many places one could vacation in the United States. Some people prefer the hustle and bustle of New York City and others the laid back beaches of California. There are many different climates and environments to choose from in a country as big as the U.S.A. During our travels, we have experienced many […]

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Flyboarding Safety

Flyboarding has been termed one of the safest sports to learn and with good reason. Within this sport, there has been no claimed injuries or accidents when giving lessons to new participants across the entire globe. That’s unheard of. The main reason behind this is that the instructor on the jet ski really controls the […]

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Flyboarding vs Hoverboarding

The new jet powered sensations of flyboarding and hoverboarding are gaining more and more popularity around the globe. From Thailand to Texas, flyboarding and hoverboarding operations are springing up to fuel people’s innate desire to fly like an eagle and swim like a dolphin. Both fly the person out of the air but flyboarding and […]

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