Jetpack San Diego - Flyboard

San Diego Jet Pack – Flyboard

Fly Guys Watersports in San Diego gets asked the question “What is the difference between the jetpack and the flyboard?” on a daily basis. More people are familiar with the jetpack because it has been around for longer and since the flyboard is younger and unfamiliar, people assume its completely different. Its actually not completely different but there are unique features to both.

In San Diego, there is a jetpack company and a flyboard company. Both flyboard and jetpack San Diego companies utilize jet propulsion from the jet ski to allow the guest to fly out of the water. The way in which it works is that the steering column is taken off the jet ski and is replaced with a big u-bolt. Attached to this bolt is a hose that stretches a good 60 feet. On the other end of the hose is either the flyboard or the jetpack. The jetpack straps on your back and has handles that come out to allow the guest to operate the direction in which they fly. When someone goes in for a jetpack lesson, there is usually a 1-2 hour tutorial on how to operate the product because it is very cumbersome and requires more attention to detail. When someone flyboards with Fly Guys Watersports in San Diego, it requires a brief 10 minute of instruction at the dock and the instructors will help each individual flier as they are flying. Each person tends to fly differently, i.e. some people might be more toe-heavy causing them to lean forward to much on the water jet pack board or some people might be more heel-heavy causing the opposite effect. The great thing about flyboarding is that the instructors are there with you helping you with each flight out of the water.

San Diego Flyboard - Jet Pack

San Diego Flyboard – Jet Pack

There are also differences in the maneuverability of the jetpack versus the flyboard. The jetpack can actually spin on a dime causing 360’s and 720’s to be much easier than with a flyboard. The flyboard on the other hand has much more ease with dives and flips. Professionals can knock out triple backflips into 720’s whereas with the jetpack, you can only complete one backflip. Dives are also less efficient for the jetpack because you have this huge metal pack on your back. This makes doing any spins coming out of the water much harder for novice guests. The flyboard is just a light board strapped to your feet. Therefore, performing a dive, doing a 360 and landing back into another dive is much more feasible. The main thing is that because of the weight difference and ability to have one’s body free of excess equipment, the flyboard allows for much more agile maneuvering versus the jetpack.

One final difference is the price for each unit. The jetpack costs roughly twice as much as the flyboard. Therefore, when you go in for a jetpack lesson, it will be twice as expensive than a flyboard lesson because a flyboarding company doesn’t have to cover as much upfront costs as a jetpack company does. The jetpack company in San Diego has an introductory flight for $179 for 15 minutes and a $259 flight for 25 minutes. Compare that to Fly Guys Watersports competitive price of $129 for a 20 minute flight and $159 for a 30 minute flight. You get more time and have to spend less money!

Why Choose Fly Guys Watersports?

Flyboarding in San Diego is an obvious must over renting a jetpack in San Diego. You can perform tricks easier, there is much less instructional time and it costs much less. There are so many things to do in San Diego and we definitely recommend doing something that will create a unique memory for yourself. Flyboarding high above the bay and capturing it on either camera or video is one that you will never forget. Fly Guys Watersports is located at Cabrillo Isle Marina and we are on the end of the docks wherein you will be surrounded by beautiful yachts and Spanish Landing Park right across the channel. An experience with us, is one that you will never forget!