Family activities & Bachelor party in San Diego

Fly Guys Watersports tries to be a one-stop experience, therefore we are able to cater to any type of occasion. We frequently host bachelor parties and bachelorette parties. We have plenty of space out on the docks and have catered up to groups of 20. Guests are more than welcome to bring out coolers with them to have drinks and sandwiches readily available and make a day out of it. It will be an experience that nobody in your group will forget as you drink, dance and competitively see who can blast off the best. Call 619-990-0914 for special large group pricing (9 or more people).

Summer camps & Kids birthday party in San Diego

On top of throwing a bachelor party or bachelorette party in San Diego, we are also very family-friendly. So if you are searching for family activities in San Diego, Fly Guys is an excellent choice. We are super kid friendly as we have held plenty of kids’ birthday parties and even summer camps. Now, we do recommend that kids weigh at least 100 lbs and the reason being is that the propulsion being delivered to the board can be pretty strong and when you’re younger and your legs aren’t as physically developed, it can be much tougher to get out of the water. Don’t fret though because even if your child is 50lbs and at least one other person is flying in your group, we will be more than happy to provide a tandem flight for the little one. An instructor will actually fly with the child up to 15ft above the water, perform spins and even let him/her cannon ball into the water when the flight is over. Therefore, if you’re looking for activities for kids in San Diego, know that we can provide an exciting time for any age group and any size group.