Things to do San DiegoThere are many places one could vacation in the United States. Some people prefer the hustle and bustle of New York City and others the laid back beaches of California. There are many different climates and environments to choose from in a country as big as the U.S.A. During our travels, we have experienced many of these amazing environments across the nation. We chose San Diego as our home and base of operations for a reason; it is simply the most well-rounded and enjoyable city in the USA.

There is a reason that 32 million people visit this beautiful city every year. San Diego has so much character. If you’re a younger adult, i.e. a college kid or young professional, Pacific Beach is the place for you. From the boardwalk by the beach to the nightlife of local dive bars and dance bars, there is so much energy flowing within PB. If you’re the eclectic, artsy type, then Ocean Beach is for you. It’s one of our favorite places because the people are just genuine and interesting as well as all the restaurants, stores and bars. Coronado is the most visited beach in all of the United States over the last 5 years and for a good reason. The beaches are pristine, the people are all so happy and it just has the best island feel to it possible. Naturally, you can’t mention San Diego without talking about the Gaslamp District. It is the hub of San Diego and essentially encompasses the entire downtown portion of San Diego. With amazing views of the harbor to wonderful restaurants and shopping to crazy night clubs, the Gaslamp is a must while you’re here.

Not only are all these areas so awesome to visit and see, but there are so many tours and attractions that one must visit while here. The San Diego Zoo is world famous and takes hours to go through because of its enormity. Sea World is located in Mission Beach and a great time for kids to experience marine life. One can kayak the coves of La Jolla, surf the waves at Ocean Beach and best of all, learn how to flyboard with Fly Guys Watersports. You can rent a jet ski anywhere but to be able to fly above the water like your favorite super hero is incomparable. It’s an experience of a lifetime and many of our guests feel like it was the highlight of their trip and we’ve flown people from 11-65. It’s adrenaline-packed, easy to learn and just plain fun. We can accommodate any size group which makes it even more fun if you are in town with a bachelor party or want to show your kids an amazing time. Therefore, if you’re in San Diego and want to try something out of this world and exciting, contact Fly Guys Watersports for San Diego Bay adventures.