Own a Flyboarding BusinessHave you ever dreamed of flying? Well what about teaching people to fly? Owning a flyboarding business is one of the most fulfilling jobs that a person could have. Granted there are obstacles one must overcome but what business owner doesn’t have them?!? Outside of marketing, accounting and other owner responsibilities, your main duty is to sit on a jet ski, get a tan and teach people how to blast out of the water and achieve what many dream about: flying.
There are many things that have to be put in place before you can just start running your own flyboard business though. First off, here in San Diego, like everywhere else in the United States, the person flying the customer must have a Captain’s License. To get this license, one must study a good bit to pass a written test and also obtain their TWIC card (Transportation Worker Identification Credential). The latter is fairly easy to receive and usually gets back to you within a month but the test and studying can take a bit of time. There are courses set up where one can go into a class room and learn from a teacher but a cheaper route is to take an online course and take the test when you’re ready. Either way, you must pass the test to get the license.
Outside of getting your Captain’s License, you must make sure that you get the right insurance. Most the people in the industry use Ray Lewis in Florida as he has become the primary broker for flyboarding. He then sets up everything for you through a company called First Flight. They do require that you be CPR/First Aid certified, finish your boater safety course, have a Captain’s License, and have a flyboarding instructor’s certificate which can be obtained through any flyboarding distributor in the U.S. Ray Lewis is great to work with and can answer any questions you might have as far as the insurance side is concerned. Unfortunately, because flyboarding is a new “extreme” sport, the insurance is the most costly expense the business will have to incur. It is a must though just like any other business as you want to be covered IF anything ever arises.
Outside of your captain’s license and insurance, you want to do your research and make sure that you find the right location. Having a lot of foot traffic come through is great because flyboarding will wow anybody, but most places will not allow you to just run a business right off the beach. Here in San Diego, we had to speak with every marina to find which would allow commercial activity. Then, you have to see what the depth is like in the area, boat traffic, foot traffic, etc. This can be make or break it because you don’t want to be way off the beaten path because then nobody will want to travel to see you. Once you have the spot picked out, you then have to make sure the county/city/harbor/port will allow you to operate there. Sometimes, they will allow sail boat tours but not flyboarding so you want to make sure you find out beforehand what they require as far as permitting. The “ask for forgiveness later” attitude isn’t best because you will have to invest a good bit of capital and you don’t want to be shut down prematurely because you didn’t ask all the questions necessary.
Flyboard BusinessWhen you finally have your location, insurance and proper licenses/permits, then you can finally put the flyboard in the water. You can purchase a flyboard through any distributor or through us at Fly Guys Watersports in San Diego. There are plenty of places to buy back-up parts and equipment when you want to upgrade or just need to repair something. Fortunately, you aren’t renting out jet skis to every Joe Schmoe who is going to bang your equipment up, but there are things you will have to keep up with to make sure your equipment does last long. Also, having a powerful jet ski is a must. You want to have at least 180hp as anything less will not get bigger people out of the water and you don’t want to limit your clientele base. Installing a dual impeller is highly suggested as it will make your ski more fuel-efficient, creates a smoother ride, and gives a lot more torque so you can blast back flips easier. Having the proper equipment will optimize the amount of people you fly as well as the cost per each ride.
Once you have all your equipment and proper licenses, you have to market yourself correctly. We chose San Diego because 32 million people visit here every year. There are so many ways to get your name out there and we found in the beginning throwing a large net out to see which gets the best return worked great. You have to touch all areas because not everybody is a millennial glued to their phone. Some like to go old school and love seeing brochures in hotels. You just have to research the area you’re in and really throw out as many feelers as possible.
Marketing is key because sales are what drive your business. Keeping this is mind, try to offer a little bit of everything. We cater to all sorts of events and parties; everything from bachelor/bachelorette parties to corporate events, family gatherings, and just single lessons. Make sure you set your SEO up properly to tackle all these outlets. Doing professional events are becoming more popular as well. Hotels will pay top dollar to have a professional come out and wow their guests. Think outside the box and grab your revenue from wherever you can. We have seen businesses close up shop because they limited their customers to only larger groups. Do not close doors that will keep you churning business.
Sales are important because they drive the business and pump blood into it. But remember, you want to make sure that you are putting a smile on every person’s face that comes out to fly with you. We have only had amazing reviews about our company because at Fly Guys Watersports, we make sure you have the best time of your life. Flyboarding is exciting and exhilarating and if your guests don’t leave with a heightened sense of emotion, you did something wrong. First off, nobody comes out to flyboard in a bad mood. Therefore, getting grumpy people literally never happens. Guests are already ecstatic about trying to fly and they shouldn’t leave without feeling that they conquered the world. If you can do this consistently, you’re reviews will explode, your SEO will grow and you will get referrals and repeat business that will help your location flourish.
This is a lot to sink in but if you’re serious about opening a business, you have to think like this from the beginning to make sure you succeed or you will only have to close up shop sooner than expected. We understand that this is a lot to grasp and that is why Fly Guys Watersports offers business consulting for a very reasonable price. We have run through all the hoops and know a lot of the key players in the industry, and if we don’t know them, we know how to get ahold of them. We have already made a lot of mistakes and you can learn from us and not your own shortcomings. If you are interested in obtaining more information because you’re interested in starting your own flyboarding business, feel free to call us at 619-990-0914 or email us at flyguyswatersports@gmail.com. We will be able to answer all your questions and steer you in the right direction so you can become successful like we have in San Diego.
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