Things to do San Diego 2San Diego FlyboardingHaving been in the water sports industry in San Diego for a while, we have seen a lot of different companies come and go. Those that have stayed have really showed a real keen attention to detail and customer service. Those that have flopped just didn’t possess the acumen to make sure their guests were 110% pleased. Obviously, with any company the customer is the driving force of the business and you want to make sure that you go above and beyond to make sure they have an amazing time. Whether its wronging a right or living out all your 5 star reviews on a day to day basis, its imperative to make sure that each customer gets treated the same and that even on your worst day, your guests can’t see and sense anything other than a smile and an amazing, positive attitude.

One question that we have been asked by news anchors and some guests over the phone is “Why choose Fly Guys Watersports over other water sports companies in San Diego?” It’s quite simple. Both owners, Brian Donnelly and Chris Hassler, come from service related backgrounds and industries. Brian’s previous job before Fly Guys was owning a construction/remodeling company. He was constantly in interaction with homeowners ensuring that they were pleased with every step of the process. All it takes is one person who doesn’t care for your work ethic in the construction industry and every homeowner knows about it. He ensured that every customer he took on truly loved what he provided as the final product. Chris Hassler worked in restaurants for a long time and we all know how much it can suck to be a server and have to have to keep a smile on your face if you’ve had a bad day and someone at your table is being a grouch and taking it out on you. He was also a wedding DJ. He comes from the party atmosphere and just wants to make sure all his guests have a blast when they come out. They both chose to get into flyboarding because it allows them to have fun and please their guests everyday.

Flyboarding already sells itself. It’s adrenaline-packed, super safe, and tons of fun. So why Fly Guys Watersports? We ensure that you will have the best time with us that no other company could have provided. We go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. We will play music, set out chairs for our guests, and even provide complimentary water if requested. Every other company will take you to the end of the dock and make those not flying just sit there and watch. We engage our guests. We want to get to know you and have a good time with you while you are flying with us. After all, you’re paying someone to fly you above the water, so wouldn’t you like to have a good rapport with them before you even get in the water? It’s all about trust and you’re going to trust someone who takes time to get to know you to ensure you have an amazing time. Everyone at Fly Guys Watersports is trained and certified to instruct flyboarding lessons but why not have fun with it too?!? So, if you’re in San Diego and want to do something new and exciting. Come out to Fly Guys Watersports and try your hand at flyboarding. You will have the time of your life and so will your friends and family who come with you.